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The first time you visit, you are required to email me so I know a little about you, including your previous experiences, likes and dislikes and scenes you might want to explore.
In addition to this, please complete the Session Introduction Form,
via the link. 
Session Introduction Form

For callers from other countries you can call me through
* Direct Chat *
click the phone below
I´m available to take your calls daily 11am-11pm GMT+1 time zone
Look at my schedule for travel dates and location then choose the appropriate number for that country.

Calls to my cell phone numbers are kept short and are only accepted for making or confirming appointments.
If you want to discuss the session schedule, etc., call my premium rate number in the image below.
I do not accept hidden calls, if you want to call and hide your number then call my premium rate numbers where I will answer all calls and your phone number stays anonymous. Or chat with me about anything in my chatroom on Yoochat